As a Washington leading medical-specific courier company, we have established ourselves as the first choice of hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, public health departments, doctors' offices, clinics, blood banks and medical wholesalers. Our drivers, handling regularly scheduled and rush deliveries, are always prompt and professional, clean and courteous, and often know our customers by name. Medical Delivery Systems is admired by its customers, employees and outsiders as a strong and growing company with commitment to integrity-based service.

Our primary mission at Medical Delivery Systems is 100% service given to all deliveries entrusted to us by our customers. 100% service is 100% completion in a professional, courteous and timely manner – performed in the time frame and proper handling as dictated by our customers. Not doing so potentially places the health of our patients in jeopardy. This type of quality is achieved only by implementing strict practices and procedures by which all deliveries are handles in a consistent fashion by all employees, everyday.

Company Summary

The security of the healthcare supply chain has never been more important than it is right now. As a leading last-mile provider to the pharma industry, we recognize our responsibility to do what we can to secure these items while they are in our possession. We invest in quality facilities: our buildings are large enough to allow inside sort and load out of delivery vehicles and are equipped with CCTV cameras that record to DVRs.